“It is cruel and unjust to deny to half a million UK pensioners overseas the full UK state pension that they paid into during their working lives. Canada has offered a potential route to ending this injustice. The UK should welcome this opportunity to right a historic wrong and ensure every pensioner receives the full state pension they are morally entitled to regardless of where they live”

– Sir Roger Gale, Chair, APPG for Frozen British Pensions


Sir Roger Gale, David Linden (SNP) and Jim Shannon (DUP) speak out against frozen British Pensions, and get the same old and tired excuses from the Pensions Minister, Guy Opperman – 9 Feb 2021.

The Canadian Alliance of British Pensioners is a not for profit organization, staffed by volunteers. Our mission is to help people discover and apply for the UK State pension they are entitled to, and to lobby the UK Government to end the discriminatory practice of freezing pensions based solely on country of residence.

Please sign the petitions at and Change.Org .

To read the latest report from the APPG click here


New hope for 500k ‘frozen pensioners’ – Daily Telegraph – 30 Jan 21


Peter Dowd (Lab) raises Frozen Pensions with Boris Johnson at PMQs – House of Commons – 27 January 2021. Click here to watch.


The Department plans to respond shortly to the request from Canada for a reciprocal social security agreement” – Guy Opperman, Minister of Pensions – 18 January 2021




Opposition MP, Tracy Gray, challenges Liberal Minister as to whether the Canadian Government has consulted with the CABP.

Do you receive a UK State pension ?

Then you already know what the problem is. If you live in Canada, your UK State pension is frozen from the day you first collect it in Canada. You will never receive another increase as long as you stay in Canada, yet if you lived in the US, you would receive annual inflation increases – just as if you lived in the UK. This is unfair and discriminatory. The Canadian Alliance of British Pensioners is working hard to convince the UK Government to treat all pensioners living abroad equally. Please join us and help us with the fight. The more members we have the stronger our voice is. For more information on how you can join up, click here

Ever worked in the UK ?

If you ever worked in the U.K., even for as little as 1 year, you may be eligible for a partial state pension. You do not need to be a UK citizen, only to have worked there at some period in time. You can also increase that pension by making voluntary contributions from abroad. You can even buy back some years, in certain circumstances. We have helped many people receive a pension that they had no idea they were entitled to. Don’t delay in signing up, as you lose the ability to buy back years as time goes by. For information on pension eligibility, click here