Already receiving a UK State Pension?


Then you already know that it is frozen. You will never receive another increase as long as you stay in Canada. You know that this is unfair, illogical and discriminatory. If you lived in the US, you would get an annual increase. How can it be fair that two people pay identical National Insurance contributions, yet receive different pensions ?

The question is, what can you do about that? The easy answer is to say nothing. I can’t change it.

We believe we can change it, but we need you to help us help you. There is strength in numbers. It is possible to convince the UK Government to change this unjust policy, if we can bring enough pressure to bear. Other organisations have succeeded in ending bad policy. The Gurkhas succeeded by waging a PR campaign to shame the Government into recognising their claim in 2009.

CABP, as one of the founding members of the International Consortium of British Pensioners, is waging an unremitting campaign in the UK to correct this injustice. Our thrust is both to increase public awareness of the discrimination  via media coverage , while at the same time working with supportive UK MP’s to purse a political solution. Browse through our website, and you will see all the things we are doing to get your pension indexed to inflation the way it should be.

We are making progress, and we will not give up – but we need you to join us. The membership is only $25 a year for a family. Less than the cost of a cup of coffee per month. Just as important as the membership fee though, the more members we have, the stronger our position becomes. We  communicate to our members every month via email, and often ask for their help in letter writing campaigns.

Please join us, and add your voice.

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  1. Is there some way of receiving the British pension payments in Canada without having having to pay bank charges with every deposit?

  2. Dennis orrel says

    I have a small uk pension and $300/mth plus military pension of $850. I thought I was exempt tax on this as tax was done in Britain .I now know this not to be the case. What should I do now?

    • David Morris says

      Hi Dennis, I am not qualified to comment on tax situations, but Canadians are required to declare all worldwide income on their Canadian tax return

  3. Hello David and friends, My husband was born in 1949 and applied for his UK Pension once he turned 65. I believe there was some small delay in getting the paperwork organized because he needed to send away for his National Insurance Number. I am Canadian and 11 years younger than him.

    When did the law change in the UK that stopped spousal pensions to a Canadian spouse?

  4. I was born 1946. Started receiving my UK frozen pension
    in 2006.
    My husband turned 65 in 2015.
    I was told my husband was not entitled to
    receive UK spousal pension because of new uk pension
    Reading these comments these new rules
    didn’t start until 2016. My husband turned 65
    the year before 2015.
    Was I given incorrect info. by UK pension dept.
    Is my husband entitled to receive spousal pension through me.
    He never worked in the U.K. Only Me.

    • David Morris says

      Hi Jean, unfortunately, as you were born before 1950, your husband cannot receive a spousal pension. It is not because of his birthdate, it is because of yours. The old rules were that only a woman could receive a spousal pension. The rules were changed to allow men to receive a spousal pension, but the woman had to have been born after 1950

  5. I was wondering if I delay my claiming my UK
    Pension for 12 months ( my pension is due on May 2019) .
    1. Will I get 12 months retroactive payment.
    2. Will I also get the annual cpi increase.
    I live in British Columbia and have no plans to live in the UK.
    Thank you for the wonderful service you providing for the ex-pats.
    I would like to join please let me know, thanks.

    • David Morris says

      Hello Noah, yes – please join. You can join right on this website by clicking on the link below and following the instructions
      In terms of your questions, – yes you will get a retroactive payment (or an increased monthly amount), by deferring.
      Unfortunately, they changed the rules so that you will not get the cpi increase for that period, you will only get the retroactive amount

  6. Sandy Christie says

    If my UK State pension is left in a UK bank account and never transferred to Canada, {only used on vacations, etc.) do I still have to report it on my Canadian income tax. I’m not receiving pension yet but the paperwork is in process and expect to be receiving it soon. Thanks.

    • David Morris says

      The CRA rules require that you report all worldwide income on your tax return, regardless of where it is earned or kept.

  7. Judith Barnett says

    For tax purposes if I claim my UK pension as income in the UK do I also have
    to claim my Canadian income on the UK tax form?


    • David Morris says

      Hello Judith, you should probably talk to an accountant about this. I am not familiar with UK tax rules.

  8. Hi there,

    I am an ex pat living in Canada and have since last year been receiving my British State Pension.
    In order to do my taxes in Canada I gather that I have to declare this.
    My question is do the DPW send out a yearly statement of earnings so I can do my taxes here or do I just tell CRA what my earnings are?.

    • ok have found the answer.

      You have to get in touch with the International Pensions Dept in the UK and request a statement. They are not automatically sent out each year. This needs to be done after December 31st and takes approximately 28 days to receive.

      Contact number I used was 0191 218 7777.

      • You do not need a statement. Revenue Canada seems to accept the figure I give them. If you were ever audited you could get a statement then,

  9. Paula Summers says

    My deceased husband served in the Royal AirForce for approximately twelve years. He was born in 1944 and passed away in Canada in 1974. He had left the military and immigrated to Canada in 1974, I am Canadian. Am I entitled to his pension (if he had be entitled)?

    • David Morris says

      Hello Paula, yes, he would have been entitled to a state pension, and possibly a military pension. You would also be entitled to a spousal pension based on his pension entitlement

  10. i am a ex pat living in canada. i receive a uk oap. prior to visiting the uk i called the uk pension office in newcastle, and asked them if my pension would increase because of my three week visit, they said it would, and it did. did they make a mistake.

    • David Morris says

      Hello Keith, you are entitled to an upgrade in your pension for any time spent in the UK, so that is not a mistake. I can’t comment if they calculated it correctly, but there would be an upgrade

  11. Ann Fraser says

    I came to Canada in 1978. I receive a Canadian OAS as well around $150 per mo British pension.
    My question is my ex husband worked for more years in Britain than I (raising children or abroad with my RAF HUSBAND
    .no jobs available) consequently he receives a much higher UK pension.
    We were married for 24 years. 20 yearsof which we lived in Uk and/or accompanying husband abroad with RAF.
    Am I entitled to share of his UK pension?
    Ps I would like to join your organisation.

    • David Morris says

      Hello Ann, yes, I think you would be entitled to a spousal pension based on his contributions. I am not a family lawyer, but I believe you are entitled.
      You would need to contact the DWP to ask about this.
      If you join jus, we can giv yo a package of information, including how to reach the DWP.
      You can join us directly on this site by clicking on the link below, or you can call the office during business hours and they can help you

  12. Ramila Kotecha says

    Hello David

    I am born in Dec 1953 and have 5 yr contributed and going to contribute another 5 yrs to qualifying for state mention. I came to Canada in Feb 1977.
    My question is my husband worked for only 3 month and have National Insurance number. Did not contribute anything.
    He just turn 65 this year (2016) in February – Is he entitle to get state pension from uk. under spousal contributions.

    • David Morris says

      Hello Ramila, yes – he is entitled to a spousal pension equal to 60% of yours. If his birthday was May 2016, he would not qualify, so he just made it

  13. Bridget Curry says

    As a woman I qualified for a partial state pension at age 63 in March of 2015 but my husband does not qualify for his state pension until July 2017. As I qualified under the old state pension and he under the new state pension I am wondering if we will get any ‘uprating’ for me on his NI contributions and also wondered if I will inherit his pension. His pension is also partial but much higher than mine, 22 years for him and only 6 years on the old system for me.

    • David Morris says

      Hello Bridget, yes – you will receive an uprated pension based on 60% of his contributions up to April 2016.Your pension will also be increased to the level of his pension on his passing – but it will be frozen from then onwards

  14. SHIRISH PATEL says

    i only worked for two years. my wife gets her british pensions. am i entitle any pensions? i born in dec 1951 and she in july 1950

    • David Morris says

      Hello Shirish, you needed 10 years to qualify for any pension. You may still be able to buy back enough years to qualify. If you join us, we will send you an information package on what to do next

  15. Hi , We are living in Canada drawing the U K pension .How long would we have to stay back in the UK for the increase to be paid in Canada when we return.Would we have to take up residence in the U K for a period of time
    Thanks Bert

    • David Morris says

      Hello Bert, you have to become a permanent resident of the UK again. There is no set time for that. It is based on a number of factors, such as whether you still retain ties to Canada. Each case is evaluated on its merits. It is not as simple as going back to the UK for 6 months or a year. It also has tax implications, because as a permanent resident of the UK, you become liable for tax again

    • I am a Canadian citizen, receive UK pension as we all know a “frozen one”
      I am thinking of going back to Scotland permanently
      Can I expect back pay on years of frozen pension
      Or will it just revert to cost of living allowance on the date I return.
      Thank you for your time, regards Marg

      • David Morris says

        Hello Marg, there will be no back pay. Your pension will revert back to the current amount, based on your number of pension years.

  16. A. Wright says

    We emigrated to Canada in 1981 and I receive my frozen British Pension. However my mother who came with us at the age of 61 and who now cannot manage her affairs has never claimed her pension even though she worked full time as a school secretary for over 30 years. She said that she never realized that she was entitled to a state pension because she was getting my father’s pension and he passed away in 1972.
    What will she receive and what is the best way of applying for the pension.

    • David Morris says

      Hello Alan, I cant tell you what she would receive, as it depends on the number of years worked, and whether she opted out by paying the “reduced stamp”. The chances are good that she is in fact entitled to a pension.
      The best step is to join us. We will send you a complete info package on what to do next, including applying for a pension statement

  17. marion rickert says

    can one year be paid back I only worked 9 years and how much would I have to pay

    • marion you can buy back any years to make up you can get the info on line or send away for it the state pension will tell you how much it depends on what you paid i bought 3 yrs for 1800

  18. Robert Collins says

    Just started preparing my Federal and Quebec taxes and was pleasantly surprised to see that my UK State Pension (started last June) qualifies for pension income splitting. Both my wife and I will each get the $2,000 pension deduction (which OAS and QPP do not qualify for), which means the first $4,000 is effectively tax free.
    She will pay her lower tax rate on the split half of the UK amount – as I am still working this saves me a lot of money.

    • David Morris says

      hello Robert, yes you are quite correct. UK pension income qualifies for the pension income deduction and pension splitting

  19. Glenn Ujebe Masokoane says

    I am based in South Africa. Have just become a pensioner. Worked in London between 1984 – 1992 just joined CABP my basic UK State Pension is at a reduced amount I get about 44 pounds a week – because not enough UI National Insurance contributions were paid to get the the full amount of Basic UK State Pension. That is not surprising because I was working aa a freelance film maker and there was not enough money to make. Please advice me – how do I go about initiating voluntary contributions to make it 11 years. I turned 65 years this December 2015. I was born 11 December 1950 and would like to make voluntary contributions to Class2. Please advice I don’t know how it all works but wish to increase my pension threshold and don’t really wish to return to the UK to get more by being there.

    • David Morris says

      Hello Glenn, the only option you have now is to make back contributions for up to 6 years. As a member of CABP, you would have received a document called MYCABP. In there are instructions on how to make voluntary payments, and what the rules are for Class 2.
      If you did not receive it, let me know.

  20. Ronald Mackenzie says

    Hullo I’m receiving UK pension here.
    How would Tax Revenue Canada know if i don’t declare it?

    • David Morris says

      The UK and Canadian Governments do exchange information with each other. It is definitely possible that Revenue Canada will find out.

    • K. Houston says

      I lived and worked in UK many years and I receive a pension. I am a permanent resident in Canada for many, many years and receive my Canadian pension. I am hearing all sorts of different things about wheather I am suppose to declare UK pension (which was taxed at time of working). What is the correct thing to do and am I in trouble if I have never declared my UK pension.

      Also, I read one of your other reader’s remark about split UK pension between husband and wife. Is this possible ?

      K. Houston

      • David Morris says

        Hello K Houston, Canadian tax law requires that all income worldwide be reported on your tax return. That would include UK pension. There are people that don’t report it, but I can tell you that the rules say you must.
        You can split UK pension between husband and wife.

  21. Lorenda Franklen says

    I just came across an old news clipping which referred to Frozen UK pensioners benefiting from Travel Uprating in non-frozen countries as well as the UK. I’ll be travelling back to the UK this spring and wondered if I can qualify to have my pension uprated.

  22. maxine renouf says

    do I have to pay Canadian income tax on my british pension

    • David Morris says

      Hello Maxine, yes, the Canada Revenue Agency requires you to declare all worldwide income, including the UK pension. Whether you pay tax will depend on your total income and deductions


    Hi,just found your website by chance and have a quick question. I was born in 1944 and worked in the UK for 15 years, both in the Royal marines and Devon Police before emigrating to Canada about 40 years ago.
    I receive a UK pension of 188 GBP per month and just wonder if this is the correct amount as I feel it should be more . Also I got remarried recently and want to know if I would qualify for any more UK pension if so I will notify them.

    • David Morris says

      Hello John, based on your date of birth, you needed 44 years of credits for a full pension. If you have 15, then you would get roughly 1/3 of a full pension. In 2009, the full pension was £95.25 a week, so 1/3 of that is roughly £32 a week or £138 a month. As you are getting more than that, it means you likely got credit for more than 15 years employment, so the number is probably correct.
      In terms of getting remarried, it will not increase your pension.

    • takes nothing to make a quick phone call to the pensions office,they are very good and will explain everything. to you.they helped me

  24. Laureen Donnachie says

    Hello, my husband passed away in 2003. He lived and worked in the uk till he was 42. At the time of his death our don was 2 I receive the widowded parents allowance. I always wondered why I wasn’t allowed any of his pension fund ie stare pension. He would be of state pension age. I was told back then that was all I qualified for. Would that be correct or would I be entitled to anything now or later now that he would be of pension age. Thanks very much .

  25. My mother who turned 71 in February was receiving a pension from the UK. This was my father’s spousal pension I believe as he died in 2009. Suddenly earlier this year the amount stopped being posted to her account every month. Is there an age limit or rules relating to people living in Canada receiving a pension? I’ve been unable to find anything clear.


    • David Morris says

      Hello Sarah, there is no age limit or rules. What has likely happened is that your mother received a “life certificate” from the pension dept. This is a certificate that has to be completed, signed and witnessed, to prove that your mother is still alive and eligible for her pension. It is a fraud control measure. If she does not sign and return it within the designated time period, they stop paying the pension.

      • This is what happened to my father. He failed to complete and post a life certificate (he was blind). I noticed one day when he asked me to check his bank statement and I questioned him as to where his UK pansion was.
        I wrote to the pensions office in Newcastle and they sent me a new life certificate which I completed for him, got witnessed etc and eventually got hi spension reinstated and a cheque for over $6000 in back payments….
        So all is not lost, chase down the pensions office in the UK…

        • Likewise to your dad I received a form from Newcastle which I had notarised however they never responded back so I havent received pension since august 20015 somehow it got lost in the mail so they must think I am DEMISED . I have sent many
          emails, letters witnessed & forms to no avail. I am just new to computers. the email I received from Neacastle in 2002 is unobtainable if you have theirs please falword. Sincerely Thank you

  26. Peter nash says

    It is strange that although the Queen is head of state in Canada we, in terms of pensions are considered less than those in a ‘foreign country’ like usa.
    Peter nash

  27. David Moore says

    I worked at an outdoor clothing camping store from July 1963 March 1964, Middlesex County Council/Greater London Council Mar 1964 -Aug 1967, Severn River Authority Aug 1967-July 1970 before moving to Canada I paid NI while working at the store. However I do not have my NI number. Would I be qualify for a pension I was born in March 1946?

    • David Morris says

      Hello David, yes, you are entitled to a partial UK state pension, based on the years you worked there. You may still be able to buy back 1 or 2 more. You don’t need to have been born there, just worked there.

    • Gordon Robinson says

      Tell the British Pensions where you worked and they will tell you what you National Insurance is.

  28. Darrell Walker says

    My parents born in England, 1924 (both) worked through the war, Dad gone to sea at 17. Came to Canada in 1950. Worked all their years in England they could never bothered to check on UK pension. Is this something they would be entitled to after all this time?

    • David Morris says

      Hello Darrel, it is hard to be certain. Your dad would need 11 years of NI contributions, and your mum 10. If they have those, then they would be entitled to a partial pension, backdated to age 65, even after all those years. They need to find out how many years pension credit they have

  29. T.Carroll says

    In 2000 when my former husband and I divorced, we were each assigned the same amount of pension. But I returned to Canada and he remained in the USA, so over the years his pension was constantly indexed upwards, and mine, because of living in Canada, remained the same. The resultant difference in the amount of pension he has received (just because he lived in the USA, a non-Commonwealth country) and what I have received (due to living in Canada, a Commonwealth country) is literally in the thousands of dollars. It seems so unfair, and regressive. And that unfairness and inequality continues……….. No question – just a comment on an issue that typically is never raised or addressed.

  30. Great site!! I just joined CABP – I wish I had found you earlier, as I lost the opportunity to make more voluntary contributions through ignorance of all this.

    I was born 28.5.50 and left for Canada in 1979. International caseworker confirms 13/30th qualifying years, just sent payment for the maximum 6 years class 2 NICs they allowed, so I expect 19/30ths when I claim my UK state pension.

    Question is about my wife, born 13.7.59 and always lived/worked in Canada (Quebec). Is she eligible for spousal pension, or to inherit my pension?

    • David Morris says

      Hello Robert, thank you for joining us. Unfortunately, your wife reaches pension age after 2016. New legislation comes into force than, and no new spousal pensions will be allowed after that time. She also will not inherit your pension.

      • Thanks, David. I saw that when I got the email package from CABP – bummer.

        Is there any plan to put pressure on Canadian MPs during the upcoming federal election to work on a tax treaty with the UK to unfreeze pensions? I see the strategy with the UK election, but this seems to be a two-way street.

        Thomas Mulcair is coming to my college next week and I wonder if there is a question I could ask that would help in this matter (my MP is also an NDP member).


        • David Morris says

          Hello Robert, the Canadian Government has been very supportive of us, and has written numerous times to the UK Government (as has the Australian Government). It never hurts to raise it again. You could raise the issue with Mulcair that the UK Governments refusal to unfreeze pensions costs the Canadian economy $750 million annually

  31. Steve Lee says

    Hi. I’m a member of CABP and would like to know how i can pay money to increase my pension.
    I am 62 right now .
    thanks Steve

    • David Morris says

      Hello Steve, as a member, you should have received a document called MYCABP. In that documents, there are instructions for how to make voluntary payments. If you don’t have a copy, our office will send you a new one by email.

  32. David Terrence Maloney says

    I still get my 40% of my Pension, My wife (Joan Gloria Maloney) passed away on April 2nd, 2012.

    Am I still entitled to the full 100 % when it becomes a reality. I started work in 1949 after I passed my 15th Birthday,

    Apart from times in Hospital, I worked in the UK as an Office Boy & as a worker in the ” Timothy Whites & Taylor Stores in Various locations. I worked as a window Dresser in the new Store in Plymouth for almost one full year in 1954.

    I then managed to get employed as a Carpenters Apprentice. I achieved Carpenter Journeyman status in 1961, working for various Contractors.

    In 1964 I joined a company named W.R. Oldham and within one year I was promoted to General Foreman. I reached Site Agent status in 1966.

    In July of 1967 my family & I Emigrated to CANADA where I now live in retirement..

    If the Pension I get at 40% now, is increased to the 100% that I am entitled too. How much will be my pension be.???. & will there be any be any back-dating??? for what we have lost.

    • David Morris says

      Hello David, I can’t really tell you what your pension will be if we succeed at getting pensions unfrozen. I also doubt very much whether there will be any backdating, even if we do succeed. Backdating would cost the UK government £5 billion, and I can’t see them ever doing that. We are asking for pensions to be brought up to current levels, so that means if you are getting 40% of a pension at the time you first retired, you would get 40% of a full pension at todays rates.

  33. Shan Mitra says

    My spouse and I are both receiving pensions after we were allowed to back-pay deductions for several years. However, we would like to join with you to get the pension indexed.

  34. When was the issue of no increases for ex-pats last before the British Parliament?

    • David Morris says

      Hello Heather, our campaign is constantly pursuing the issue of frozen pensions with British parliamentarians. Our latest issue of Justice magazine (which was just mailed to our members) gives an update on all our political activities in the UK.

  35. DIANE LORAM says




    • David Morris says

      Hello Diane, this is a tough one, and I don’t honestly know the answer. You should get credit for time in England and Iceland, but I don’t know about the cruise ship. Its certainly worth claiming it and seeing what happens. The whole thing is bizarre, which is why we are fighting to get it resolved.

  36. Andrew McDONALD says

    I get the widower’s pension fromt hem,if I marry again will I lose that

    • David Morris says

      Hello Andrew, you need to clarify what you mean. There is no such thing as a widows or widowers pension any more. Do you mean a Class B spousal pension ?
      How long have you been receiving this, how old are you, and how long have you been a widower ?

  37. Jacqui Smart says

    The TV ads I’ve been seeing recently in Canada imply that my spouse, as well as me, may be able to collect a UK pension. I have been collecting my UK pension at the frozen rate for a few years but had not realized that perhaps my Canadian husband may also be eligible on account of being married to me. Please clarify for me. And thank you so much for the good work you are doing on behalf of those of us in countries where our UK pension is frozen.

    • David Morris says

      Hello Jacqui, your husband is only entitled to a spousal pension if he reached pension age after April 2010, and before April 2016

      • Anne Bolton says

        I have been receiving a minimal pension from England for around 10 years now. I just read that it is possible that my husband of 38 years is a Canadian, who was 65 in May 2010 may also be entitled to an English pension. Is this correct and how would I go about inquiring to The National Insurance for him. Since my pension is only $180 approx. per month, for him to have some would really help. Also, I have my pension paid into a bank in the US since we spend the winter in Arizona, but I have never received an increase from them, didn’t realize that the US payments were indexed.
        Since I have been gone from England since 1966, I cannot vote in any Election over there and do not understand who I would contact to help you with your project, but if I can help in any way bey joining your membership I will certainly do so. Anne Bolton

        • David Morris says

          Hello Anne, yes your husband is entitled to a spousal pension approximately 60% of yours. It doesn’t come automatically. He has to apply for it. If you join us, we will send you an information package on how to go about claiming the pension. We also keep our members up to date on everything that is going on with our campaign, and enlist their support in writing letters or emails from time to time

          • Lynn Callon says

            I have been receiving UK pension at a reduced and fixed rate now for over 10 years. We have friends that he is receiving pension and applied for his wife – a Canadian – and got it. When we enquired if my husband could collect we were informed NO. We figured this was a usual prejudice thing and only worked if it was the man getting the pension but reading your comments above you are stating the husband can collect if the female spouse is already getting a pension. My husband turned 65 in July , 2011 and if what you say is true then he is entitled to 60% of what I get???
            Can you confirm please that my interpretation of your response is correct?

          • David Morris says

            Hello Lynn, it all depends on your age. If you were born prior to April 6 1950, then your husband is not entitled to a spousal pension. If you were born after that, then he would be.
            The rules changed in 2010 to allow men to claim a spousal pension, but only if their wife was born after 1950.

  38. Beryl Romero says

    My first e-mail to you, enjoyed reading the questions and your knowledgeable, excellent replies.I received a package from the UK pension centre last week asking me to fill in the documents of the Life Certificate, to prove I’m still alive I guess.
    I was wondering if any of your contributors have received this package also?

    Thanks in advance.

    • David Morris says

      Hello Beryl, yes, this is standard practice from the Pensions dept. Pretty well every pensioner receives a Life certificate request. Do not delay in sending it back, as they will stop your pension if it isn’t received in a timely manner, and it is a pain to get it started again.

    • Beryl Romero says

      Thanks Dave,

      sorry this is a late, thank you, just returned last night from Liverpool, I did get the reply back as soon as it came.
      The post office said they had many of the same mail in September.



  39. Chris and Pam Heywood says

    Could you tell me when my membership is due for renewal?
    I get the mag. Justice online now so I do not know when or my membership number

    • David Morris says

      Hello Chris and Pam. You should have got the most recent edition of E Justice this week. If not, you will get it very shortly. In the covering email that comes with it, it gives your name, membership number and membership expiry date.

  40. Eric & Elizabeth Bell says

    Have contacted you before but have another question.
    My wife also receives a pension from the Uk ,
    I have been told she is also entitled to receive 60% of my pension , is this true.

    Also we would like to join.

    • David Morris says

      Hello Eric and Elizabeth, your wife is entitled to receive 60% of your pension, or her own, whichever is greater. She can not get both. Usually the pension dept calculates that automatically, and she would get whichever amount was bigger, but if not, you can let them know.
      Thank you for intending to join. You can join online on this website, or simply call our office.

  41. D0reen [Stewart] Toogey says

    i have just heard of the british pension ,and just learned about it ,and was wondering if i was if i could get it, i doubt it but just thought check ,iwork in Aberdeen for approximately five years came to Canada 27 November 1951 ,

  42. Veronica Farlette says

    I was born in the U.K in 1952 and worked from 1969 until 1976, then left and returned in April;1979 until November 1980. Back again in 1990 until 1992. I worked in U.K. during all the above noted periods. Am I eligible for a pension ? Now back in Canada and will be collecting my pension here in 2017. Can you help with me with the application if i am eligible ? Many thanks……Veronica farlette….P.S. I have joined your Alliance

    • David Morris says

      Hi Veronica, yes you are eligible. If you just joined us, you should be getting soon a package of information on what to do next. The first step is to obtain your NI number, and our package tells you how to do that. Once you get your NI number, then you apply for a pension forecast, and we tell you how to do that too. It will tell you the pension you are entitled to, and also give you options for making voluntary payments.
      You reach UK pension age this year, so you will be able to apply for it soon.
      Thank you for joining us.

  43. Stanley Howden says

    Regarding establishing eligibility for a UK pension by making voluntary payments to the UK. These payments are not considered an income tax deductible Item in Canada. However, any pension payments received from the UK are taxable. This too seems unjust.

    • David Morris says

      Hi Stanley, you are correct. It doesn’t seem fair. However, it does qualify for pension income splitting, which is good.

  44. Elizabeth says

    Both of my parents came to Canada in 1956, they both worked in England up to that point. However, when my father died in 2005 my mother was told she would have to forfeit her pension to receive the widow’s pension. It’s not a lot each month depending on the exchange of course. Somehow, that along with the freeze, which she says she wasn’t aware of, seems terribly unfair to people who have worked and paid into the pensions.

    • David Morris says

      Hello Elizabeth, it is unfair. It is a scandal. That’s why we exist, to fight for the rights of pensioners against this discriminatory policy. If your mother lived in the US, she would be getting a fully indexed pension from the UK. That is just not right

  45. Paul Cantrill says

    When we came to Canada in Jan 07, we new the pention would be frozen, what we did not know is that it is only frozen for some countries, including Canada, This is blatant discrinimation and I will be signing up with you guys right away.
    Thanks for being there.
    Paul and Georgina Cantrill

  46. Nigel Winser says

    My Godparents – Dr Bill and Libo Barton – have retired and now living in Kenya. They hvae been in touch to let me know that their pension has been frozen since 1st April by the All Party Parliamentary Group. As a result they are getting less than half they are due to receive. Both served Britain with distinction as part of those who joined the Kenya Government after the 2nd World War. So thank you for your campaigning – and for standing up for those who need our support at this time in their lives. I will be joining the campaign and wrritng to George Osborne. Nigel Winser, Oxfordshire.

    • David Morris says

      Hi Nigel, thank you for your support. What the UK government is doing is morally unjustifiable, and we will continue to fight. It is hurting the most vulnerable of our society

    • Lorna Baker says

      Dear Nigel Winser
      On a completely different tack, I am trying to track down your godparent, Libo (Elizabeth) Barton. I recorded her life story back in 2003 at Exmouth before they went back to Kenya and as I have now retired I need to send her the master minidiscs. Could you please help me?
      I would be very grateful.
      Lorna Baker

      • Eleanor Donaldson says

        Dear Lorna,
        Libo Barton is my father’s cousin.
        I am trying to contact her to inform her of family matters.
        Were you able to find her? If so would you please mind forwarding my email address to her.
        Sincerely Eleanor Donaldson.

    • Gordon Robinson says

      It is all governments of the U.K it could Tories or Labour they all blow hot air when in opposition.Then when they get elected they sweep it under the carpet..Very surprised at Tony Blair and Gordon Brown we never got index pensions so much for the working class.

  47. Linda Haile says

    My mother is 87 and has been receiving a British pension since she was 60. She was told about getting pension increase if you went on holiday, but was told that her pension amount would return to the original amount on returning to Canada. Is that true? I am 57 and worked in England for 9 years myself and will be trying to apply for a pension myself when I turn 60.

    • David Morris says

      Hello Linda, yes, your mothers pension will revert back to the original amount once she returns to Canada. That’s what we are campaigning against. In terms of yourself, the bad news is that your pension age is 66, as the UK government has been increasing it. You will also need 10 years of eligibility to qualify. The good news is that you can make voluntary contributions to get you to the minimum and beyond. This is definitely worth doing, and you should pursue this. Don’t let it slip, as you may end up not meeting the minimum number of years

      • Linda Haile says

        I plan on joining but am on a disability pension here and will be unable to do so until next week. Then will you be able to help me to find out about the contributions I would need to pay in order to receive a British pension. I am a Brit by birth but moved here in 1964, however I moved back in 1987 until 1996 and worked full time.

        • David Morris says

          Hello Linda, absolutely we can help you with how to make voluntary contributions. Our information package gives all the details

  48. mary mckeegan says

    Should i join?. My husband passed away 2001 and i applied for the UK pension but was denied. I did not realize until the
    end of 2012 when i contacted uk2 pensions and they re applied for me, my husband was only 55 when he passed away.
    So by 2012 he would have been 67. I got some money back from the UK but it cost me nearly $2000.00 as the company called uk2 pension take quite a percentage. I felt they should have just told me to re apply.
    All that being said i am going to Scotland for 3 weeks in July and would like to apply to the Dept of works and pensions to find out about the uprated pension.
    I just found out about the uprated pension yesterday and about the indexing.
    I would appreciate if you have any further information regarding this
    Thankyou Mary

    • David Morris says

      Hello Mary, I am not sure what you are asking. Are you now receiving a widows pension ? If so, it will be frozen, and there won’t be any cost of living increases. That’s what we are fighting for. Joining us will help us in that fight.
      Yes, unfortunately companies like uk2 pensions do charge a lot. They are businesses, and that’s how they make their money.
      We are non profit, staffed by volunteers. Our membership is only $25 a year. We don’t charge anything else, and we help our members with their issues.

      • mary mckeegan says

        Yes i do now get a widows pension. sorry i did not know about CABP before, it would have been of great help.
        I would just like to know about the uprated pension as i will be in Scotland for 3 weeks in July.
        I would like to join and help the cause.

        • David Morris says

          Hi Mary, now I understand. Yes, you can apply for uprating for the time you are in the UK. You simply have to advise the pensions dept of the dates of your trip. Our membership package spells it all out, how to do it etc.

      • marion rickert says

        I worked 9 years and only l year to go and all they give me is around 16,00 per year I did not get it this month as my address changed they can stuff it its not worth the paper work

  49. David Naylor says

    I only work for fifteen year would I get anything . Where would I find out what I qualify for. Will be 65 next April

    • David Morris says

      Hello David, absolutely you are entitled to a state pension if you worked for 15 years. The easiest way to proceed is join us. We will give you a complete package of information on what to do next, including how you could increase your pension my making voluntary contributions.

  50. Barbara Aaron says

    I am receiving a UK pension as well as my canadian OAS. When you say the I may be able to receive a higher Uk pension if I visited this true? and how long do you have to visit for?

    I saw your ad on Tv recently and was going to contact you anyway. How terrible is it that we here in Canada , a member of the Commonwealth cannot get any increases in our uk pensions. Why , if I lived in the USA could I get increases…this seem ridiculous that USA residents receiving uk pensions get increases and we, as a commonwealth country do not.

    I will be joining your group to push for this to change. I only hope it will be soon enough for me as I am now 72yrs. and I know that you have been working on this for a while.

    • David Morris says

      Hi Barbara, thank you for joining us. We are fighting hard, and will not give up until this injustice is fixed.
      Yes, you can get your pension uprated anytime you visit the UK or any other unfrozen country (except the US). You only need to be there for a week. You simply advise the dept of Works and Pensions of your visit. When you join us we give you a package of information that tells you who to call, and how to do it.

      • Ann McGranaghan says

        I totally agree with Barbaras’ comments but if I only visit the UK for a short time is it worth it to apply for an increase if the amount will only revert back to the amount paid in Canada. I also think that it is a disgrace that Canada as a commonwealth country does not index our pensions. Why the US which also makes access to their country very difficult when travelling on a British passport from Canada?

  51. Christopher Jennings says

    Just retired here for 1 year now. Got a pension from U.K and Canada , but am waiting for update from Canada as to continued entitlement for suppliment . Just found out about your site , so thought I would touch base .
    Chris J.

    • David Morris says

      Hello Christopher, I hope you will join us. We are fighting on your behalf to get your pension indexed

  52. charles flood says

    Just returned home after 30 yrs working in UK. Truly shocked re pension being frozen from next year. I intend to return for holidays , so how does it work that you can claim a uplift?

    • David Morris says

      Hi Charles, its easy. Just let the Dept know. If you join us, we can give you the details of how to do it. We will also be fighting on your behalf to get that pension indexed.

  53. Peter MacDonald says

    I’m a Canadian living and working in the UK and hope one day to retire home. I find it incredibly frustrating that I have to make National Insurance payments knowing that, when I retire to Canada, I will not receive the same pension entitlement that my British friends who stay in the UK when they retire will. I have written to the DWP – a slightly tongue in cheek letter asking for a discount on my NI contributions given that I will be collecting a smaller pension when I retire to Canada. Unsurprisingly, I’ve had no reply.

  54. Stephanie says

    Hi there, I just joined your organisation. First of all, I have only just heard about the possibility that someone can receive a full pension from both the UK and Canada, so I am pretty ignorant about all this, but have been reading information online that you sent and I appreciate that. Thanks.

    I want to know if it is possible to collect a full Canadian old age security pension and if it is okay in addition to receive a full UK one as well by make voluntary contribution to the Class 2 that I have been reading online. I always thought you had to collect one or the other or a portion of one or the other depending on the years one spent in either country, like what my mother who emigrated from UK to Canada with me does. She gets a partial Canadian and partial British because she spent half her adult life in one country and the other half in the new one, Canada?

    About me, I am a woman, born in 1965 in the UK and lived there til I emigrated to Canada in September 1983. I had worked at Marks and Sparks and Lloyds Bank and Threshers for a few years between 15-18 before emigrating. I have lived and worked in Canada every since. I had a marital name change so my birth certificate and NI# that I recently found are in my maiden name. Can I make contributions to my NI in my maiden name if I show them my marital licence where the name changed? Or, should I apply to have my name officially changed with the UK ?
    I want to apply to pay into the Class 2. It is almost April 5th 2014 and I would like to make the 2013 payment deadline. Is there a way to do that?Can I go to my TD bank and have them pay directly instead of the direct debit for this year given the short time frame before April 5th deadline?
    Also, when I look at the NI38 form, I am not sure of some of the answers. I don’t know when I last paid NIC? Can I write a note stating I am unsure with the application and ask them to please check records or should I write my best estimate? It would have been my last date of employment I suppose in the UK but I can’t remember when that was. I was unemployed for a few weeks, at least before I left.

    The form asks if I will be working or am working abroad. Yes, I am but then it asks for a UK address of the firm, but I don’t have one because it is Canadian. The form seems to assume it is a temporary absence?
    I would want to pay in one years lump sum each year rather than have small amounts coming out of my account. Is that alright?

    I thought I would ask these questions in the forum instead of writing to you personally so others could benefit from the answers. Thanks again.

    • David Morris says

      Hello Stephanie, thanks for joining. You will find that we can be very helpful to you in making sure you get the pension you are entitled to.
      The UK pension is based solely on the number of years you contributed, so yes, you can receive a full uk pension and a Canadian old age pension, providing you have been able to make the necessary contributions.
      You should notify the DWP of a change in your name, to make sure there is no confusion.
      There is no rush to make the April 2013 payment. Because of the new legislation in 2016, there are extended deadlines for making voluntary contributions. You actually have until 2019, to make the 2013 payment. However, you first need to apply to make class 2 payments, using the approach spelled out in My CABP that was sent to you.
      Before making any payments, you first need to apply for a pension forecast. Your MYCABP tells you how to do that. You can do that with a simple letter. If you know your NI number, you can tell them that, otherwise tell them where you last worked or lived
      They will then reply, and tell you your options. At that time, you can make your voluntary payments, and yes, you can make annual voluntary payments.

      • Stephanie says

        David, Thank you. I will follow up. One question: I am concerned about the April 2013 deadline because I read in the CABP newsletter that it costs over 700 pounds to buy back a year instead of the regular annual fee. Is that correct?
        This has been most helpful.

        • David Morris says

          Hi Stephanie, I think the £700 refers to the cost of a class 3 contribution. You have lots of time to make the 2013 payment

  55. Dave Humphreys says

    I know I can claim an increase when ever I visit the U K – but does that increase apply when I visit the USA?

    Thank you for any assistance.

  56. Glennys Ward-Eversley says

    I use to get $262 can. when My now Ex and I came to Canada then without warning it went to $162Can. now this latest amount $217.Can…………now at least I can eat a bit better . I guess I owe you guys a big thank you

    Glennys Ward-Eversley

    • David Morris says

      Hello Glennys, much as we would like to take credit, I’m afraid that any increases you have received are due to changes in the exchange rate between the British pound and the Canadian dollar

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