Notice of AGM and Public Information Session

Thornhill Presbyterian Church

271 Centre Street, Thornhill, Ontario

L4J 1G5

Saturday, June 7th 2014, at 2.00 PM


  1. Joan Parsons says

    Hi there, I just joined…..but had a question (have a lot actually lol). The increase in 2016 that you mentioned – how do I find out about that and will it increase if already receiving your pension?

    How do I get my other questions answered?

    Thanks a lot,


    • David Morris says

      Hello Joan, first of all, thank you for joining. In the next few days, you should receive a complete package of information. Hopefully, that should answer many of your questions. If you still have questions after that, you can call the office, or email us at
      We are here to help our members.
      In terms of your specific question, if you reach retirement age before 2016, you will not get the new pension amount. Only those people who retire after 2016 get that. You will still receive the pension amount you got when you retired

  2. Henry Carter says

    Hi There,

    I just found you online. I was born in Jan 1961 and worked for approximately 7 years before leaving the UK. Am I eligible for any pension or can I buys additional years to increase whatever I may be entitled to.



    • David Morris says

      Hello Henry, absolutely you are eligible. You need 10 years, and have 7. You can buy back 6 years, and make voluntary payments going forward. You could come close to a full pension. Today that is £114 per week, but is significantly increasing in 2016. If you join us we will provide a complete information package on what to do next. It is a great deal

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