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The Mandate of CABP was to fight legal actions to have your, present or future, UK Basic State Pension (BSP) indexed to cost of living as is the case for 96% of other recipients. CABP is NOW engaged in many political initiatives, and will continue to engage the UK Government in any way to achieve our goal. CABP gives members some limited guidance on making additional contributions to the British Pension Scheme or claiming their pension, but this is not our main mandate.
CABP does not undertake any work on behalf of individual members and certainly does not write, or speak, to the pension authorities on behalf of individual members.
For many people claiming or attempting to increase their pension, it is a time consuming but possible task and they are willing and able to do it themselves. However, for others, the red tape is daunting or simply something in which they would prefer not to do. Having a knowledgeable person act on their behalf lifts that burden from their shoulders. Tom Hewetson of British Pensions Consultants Inc. who used to work in the British Pensions department, provides such a service on the basis of “no pension no fee”. Tom is an ex director of CABP and a continuing supporter, Tom’s web site is
In view of the volume of mail we receive, we may not always be able to respond to all comments and queries. However, your views and suggestions are particularly important to us. It will be helpful if supporting members contacting us would always include their membership number (found in Justice, on the first line of your mailing address) with their message. Although we do our utmost to assist our supporting members, we regret that we are unable to offer financial, tax or investment advice. Please restrict your questions to membership and campaign matters. Thank you.