Already receiving a UK State Pension?

Already receiving a UK State Pension?


Then you already know that it is frozen. You will never receive another increase as long as you stay in Canada. You know that this is unfair, illogical and discriminatory. If you lived in the US, you would get an annual increase. How can it be fair that two people pay identical National Insurance contributions, yet receive different pensions ?

The question is, what can you do about that? The easy answer is to say nothing. I can’t change it.

We believe we can change it, but we need you to help us help you. There is strength in numbers. It is possible to convince the UK Government to change this unjust policy, if we can bring enough pressure to bear. Other organisations have succeeded in ending bad policy. The Gurkhas succeeded by waging a PR campaign to shame the Government into recognising their claim in 2009.

CABP, as one of the founding members of the International Consortium of British Pensioners, is waging an unremitting campaign in the UK to correct this injustice. Our thrust is both to increase public awareness of the discrimination  via media coverage , while at the same time working with supportive UK MP’s to purse a political solution. Browse through our website, and you will see all the things we are doing to get your pension indexed to inflation the way it should be.

We are making progress, and we will not give up – but we need you to join us. The membership is only $25 a year for a family. Less than the cost of a cup of coffee per month. Just as important as the membership fee though, the more members we have, the stronger our position becomes. We  communicate to our members every month via email, and often ask for their help in letter writing campaigns.

Please join us, and add your voice.

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Who is the Canadian Alliance of British Pensioners?

What is the Canadian Alliance of British Pensioners?


We are a non profit, volunteer based organisation. Our objectives are twofold.

1. We offer our members assistance, support and information, to help them understand and claim the U.K. State pension they are entitled to, and for which they paid when they worked in the UK.
2. We act as a lobby and pressure group to persuade the UK government to stop the discriminatory practice of freezing pensions based on where you live in retirement.

This animated video explains the situation very well.

We are also a founding member of the International Consortium of British Pensioners, an organisation that speaks for the interests of over half a million frozen pensioners worldwide, and which is the lead organisation in our lobbying and media activities in the UK.

icbp logoYou can visit the web site of the International Consortium by clicking on the logo.