Below are links to sample letters you can use to write to UK and Canadian politicians

Letter to Teresa May

Letter to Mr. Opperman

Letter to Canadian media

Letter to Jean Yves Duclos

Letter to DUP politicians in Westminster

Second letter to Duclos

Letter to Bill Morneau

Generic letter to UK politicians

Letter to new Commonwealth envoy

Response to DWP form letter


BC General Meeting

Saturday, June 24, 2017 at 2.00 PM

Registration opens at 1.00 PM

Beban Park Recreation Centre,

2300 Bowen Park, Nanaimo.

BC V9T 3K7

Free parking on site.

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The Canadian Alliance of British Pensioners is a not for profit organization, staffed by volunteers. Our mission is to help people discover and apply for the UK State pension they are entitled to, and to lobby the UK Government to end the discriminatory practice of freezing pensions based solely on country of residence

Totally British Festival

Come and see our booth at the Totally British Festival.

Bring any UK friends and find out their UK Pension eligibility !

May 16/17 at the Hamilton Convention Centre in downtown Hamilton

See the details here

Annual General Meeting

Notice of up coming Annual General Meeting

Saturday, June 15, 2019 at 2.00 PM

Registration opens at 1.00 PM

Sir John Colborne Centre,

1565 Old Lakeshore Road

Oakville, ON.

L6L 6N1

Support from Sir Peter Bottomley

One of our strong supporters in the House of Commons, Sir Peter Bottomley, made a strong appeal for unfreezing pensions during the Budget debate. You can see the text in this link. It is the 3rd paragraph down.