Daily Express 1st Jan 2013


  1. Pamela Young says

    How long can the same old lies and deceptions be trotted out? It seems forever! Who, exactly, are they trying to fool? Their peers know the “reciprocal agreement” nonsense is just that: nonsense. With or without any agreement the Canadian government pays fully indexed pensions to ex-pat Canadians living in the UK, and everywhere else in the world. Are they trying to fool their constituents and the British public? That is my guess. But wait until those voters now in their 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s decide it’s time to leave that “green and pleasant land” and then find out that the pensions they’ve been contributing to all their working lives will be frozen. At some point there’s going to be an uprising. You’d think with the overpopulation of Britain and resulting unemployment that TPTB would actively encourage emigration! Not so it seems. Britain has the money to do the right thing. And it would result in Britain saving money down the road. Once these politicians gain any power they apparently become so short-sighted they cannot see the tip of their own noses. Nor will they acknowledge the injustice – and poverty, in some cases – that they are inflicting on people who “paid their dues”. Shame on them.

  2. Hammond Deggs says

    I take great exception to George Morley refering to messers Webb and Smith as “Honourable”
    When in opposition, Webb promised to end the discriminatory practice of freezing British State pensions in some foreign countries, whilst giving annual increases to those living in others, if he were elected. Now that he is in a position to honour his promise to correct this unconscionable practice, he did an immediate about turn, and now says that there are no plans to change the situation in the forseeable future. IDS tries to defend this theft, by refering to the need for reciprocal agreements. He continues to cling to this thoroughly de-bunked excuse, even though he knows it to be an untruth. Now George, what is there about these two that would warrant the term “Honourable”? To me it does a grave injustice to the truly honourable in this world.

  3. Jane Davies says

    These ministers have not one shred of credibility when they continue to defend this theft of pensioners money. They all know that no reciprocal agreements are needed, they know we also know this. They also know the “country” can afford it because the “country” does not need to pay a penny towards it as the money in the NI fund is not government money, it belongs to those who have paid into the fund over a lifetime. As George Morley has said the government borrow from OUR savings in the fund and the interest paid back alone will pay for restoring the rights of the frozen 4%. In fact it will cost less than 1% of the interest. To continue to deny the rights to annual cost of living increases goes against the laws of a once great country. Why are these senior citizens treated with cruelty and disrespect and denied their human rights? Why does the state pensioner who retires to the USA enjoy annual increases but the pensioner who retires to Canada (a commonwealth country)has no increases, ever? The answer is there is no reason, all have paid for their pension under the same terms and to treat the few differently is discrimination, which, the last time I looked at the UK’s Equality Act 2010, is illegal.

  4. George Morley says

    How Steve Webb dares to say he is watching pension charges like a hawk ! He has been blind to the frozen pension issue since taking office and he is supposed to represent the people without discrimination which includes the pensioners wherever they choose to live in retirement. What does he do – nothing but make excuses, some of which were outright lies through the DWP. There is no reciprocal agreement required to pay ALL pensioners worldwide their rightful uprated pension. There is money for this in the National Insurance Fund which is being abused and the interest from the BORROWED money is more than enough to pay ALL twice over. Why did he reduce the qualifying period for the full pension ? To fiddle other figures no doubt. Why did he lie about wanting to get rid of this discrimination when he was in opposition because nothing has changed since then ? Iain Duncan Smith is no better and he has no clue either and is a disgrace in his position by defending and /or ignoring the freezing policy. After his Australian visit he is seen to be shallow and unworthy of his position. When will we get honest and trustworthy members of parliament in these positions who have integrity ? Where is their sense of justice ? Of Equality ? It seems never with these honourable gentlemen!