If you will reach pensionable age after 2016, you will need a minimum of between 7 and 10 years of contributions to qualify for any pension. That means it is critical to find out as soon as possible how many years you already have accumulated, plus how many voluntary contributions you can make to bring you up to at least that total.

Don’t delay getting that information !

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show you how to get this critical information !


  1. joanne williams says

    Hi I worked for 13 years up to 1997 then spent 3 years in university before immigrating to Canada. My husband worked for 16 years up to 2000. We are both in our late 40’s. Would we qualify and what should we do please?

    • David Morris says

      Hello Joanne, yes, based on what you say, you both would be eligible for a pension at retirement age. You fall under the new legislation coming in 2016, which requires between 7 and 10 eligible years before getting any pension. It looks like you already have that, but in addition, you can make voluntary contributions which will increase your pension entitlement. It is never too soon to start doing that, because you only have a certain time window to make a voluntary contribution for each year. With the new legislation, the basic State Pension is increasing by almost 40%, so it is really worth your while to pursue this.
      If you join us, we can give you a detailed package of information about how to apply, and how to make voluntary contributions. We will also be fighting on your behalf so that when you do get your pension, it will be indexed to inflation, the same as if you lived in the UK.
      It only costs $20 annually for a family to join ($25 effective September 1), and you get a lot of information and support for this.
      We are a non profit group supporting British Pensioners in Canada

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