Does this Government have no moral values left? The announcement that they will be willing to pay council tenants £20,000 to emigrate on their retirement to be with their children or friends beggars belief. One can only suppose that the majority of these individuals are likely to want to emigrate to countries such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand, India, the Caribbean. Nowhere does the Government point out that under current legislation UK pensioners emigrating to these countries plus many others, will have their Basic State Pension frozen at the level that they start drawing it in their new country of residence. Many of your readers may query how the Government can afford this ” bribe ” at a time when the UK economy is in such a parlous state. Make no mistake the Government wins; each and every emigrating pensioner saves the UK taxpayer up to £7000 per annum since they do not use the NHS, do not draw benefits and do not incur social costs. It does not take long for the Government to start achieving a healthy return on the GBP £20,000 invested! Put the other way round, if all the 565000 currently “frozen ” pensioners around the world were to return to the UK it would cost the UK economy, or rather the taxpayer, an estimated GBP 5.6 Billion per annum!! Cheaper all round to provide pension parity for all.

When is the Government going to do the honourable and just thing and put an end to the practice of freezing pensions. The vast majority of MPs consider the practice immoral, unfair and unjust. The present Prime Minister and his Lib Dem partner in crime supported the demand for Pension Parity when in Opposition as did the current Minister sitting in DWP. The fact that they have done nothing demonstrates their moral dishonesty as does the £20,000 “bribe”.

John Markham

Director UK Parliamentary Affairs

International Consortium of British Pensioners


  1. Thanks George.

    I like that Burke quote you have provided and with your blessing, I will use it in trying to encourage more people to join our non profit volunteer organisation, British Pensions in Australia, helping recipients and potential recipients of the UK pension living in Australia, NZ and S.E. Asia.

  2. George Morley says

    Welcome back Jim and well said.
    I like your quote from Edmund Burke.
    And there is one that applies to those pensioners that just complain but do nothing.
    “Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.” Edmund Burke.
    There are a few Burkes in the government as well going under different names.

  3. George Morley says

    A great letter from John Markham and honest and to the point unlike a bribe which has a bad tone to it and is usually accompanied by corruption. Perhaps that’s coming tomorrow. It is a pity that these politicians cannot see how immoral this is to the frozen pensioners and no doubt the people who are likely to be trapped by the offer unaware of the freezing that will bite them after a year because the most likely places that these emigrants will go to are the Commonwealth countries. I bet they won’t tell them that in the same way that many of the existing frozen pensioners only found out after they had gone. Yes,the DWP would deny that but then they insisted that a reciprocal agreement was necessary before any uprating could happen which was untrue and Iain Duncan Smith still thinks that is so.

  4. Having been out of action for several weeks on vacation in S America, I was absolutely amazed, on arrival home yesterday, to find mention of this dis-ingenious offer by this “sly and tricky” British Government, which has obviously not thought this policy offer through properly. This is policy on the run. Moreover it is policy which is incompatible with values most British people regarded themselves proud to uphold.
    This British Government like its predecessors is condemned yet again for their immoral approach to payment of State pensions, indexing some but not up-rating others, “hiding behind the skirts of the law”, claiming the Rule of Law, by virtue in this case of bad legislation which will triumph, like evil does, if good men do nothing to help remove it from the Statute books. [With respect to Edmund Burke, 1729-1797]

  5. Andy robertson-Fox says

    I agree Jane it is a good letter. It could have been even more assertive in pointing out, for example, that the bribe is “up to £20,000” so the likelihood of anyone getting the full amount is in doubt. John might have also said with the saving of around £7,000 per year per person it only takes 18 months for a retired couple to “repay the gift”. Then again, not only that, of course, but the government is “saving” on not granting the pension increases if they go to a frozen country…in other words they get your house at no cost and start making a profit on their “investment” within a year or so!

  6. Jane Davies says

    Another good letter from ICBP. I’m glad to see you are getting a more assertive tone to these letters. These two faced hypocritical ministers need to know how angry we are about their total disregard of the rights of just 4% of pensioners. Keep the pressure on until they do the right thing. Well done.

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