We have a winner  in our 2014 Refer a New  Member  Contest.   We   would like to congratulate  Richard  and Dee  Barclay from Nanaimo,  British Columbia.

A new  Apple  IPad  Air  tablet  computer  is  on  it’s  way to  the  Barclay  home.

Members  who  referred new  members  to the CABP  were  allotted a  ballot  for  the  draw during  our  contest from  April  to early June  2014.   Richard and Dee’s  ballot was  drawn at our  Annual  General  Meeting on  June  7, 2014.

The  New Member Referral Contest  is  one  way  that  we are trying to  increase  CABP membership.   This year’s contest  added  a  significant  number  of  new  members to CABP and  we  will  likely  run  the contest  next  year.

 Congratulations  Richard  and  Dee


  1. Gerald Nutter says

    I would like to apply for a CABP membership………….Regards Gerald Nutter

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