Dear Mr Hague:

It is with great interest that I have read in both the British and the Canadian Press of your visit to Canada to sign an Embassy Sharing Agreement with the Canadian Foreign Minister, John Baird.

I really hope that the resolution of the  frozen British  pension issue forms part of any ancillary discussions you might have with Mr Baird.

You must realize that the 158,000 frozen British pensioners in Canada were surprised to see you refer to David Cameron’s statement that Canada and the United Kingdom as ‘two nations, but under one Queen and united by one set of values’.

We feel very strongly that  while Canada is a champion of justice for its pensioners, those values  currently are definitely not reciprocated by the United Kingdom. In fact, the shameful treatment of  frozen British pensioners  by the British Government costs the Canadian economy some  $380 million every year.

We sincerely hope that in this, her Majesty the Queen’s Jubilee Year some consideration to the resolution of this long standing injustice.

Kind regards,

Sheila Telford

CABP Joint Chair


  1. Shirley wilkinson says

    Well said Sheila. Now, can this letter be sent to our Canadian media?
    This needs to be seen in our national newspapers. Otherwise, it will be ignored?
    Thank you.
    Shirley Wilkinson.

  2. John McConkey says

    Has this been sent/published already? If not the last sentence could use some extra words to make better sense – such as “you will give” between “Year” and “some”.

  3. Not forgetting the other 350,000 around the world in the same situation!!
    Broken promises made before 2010 are remembered – ‘Fairness in everything we do’ David Cameron May 2010