David Acheson2

David Acheson, Secretary/Treasurer

I have been a member of CABP since 2006 and joined the Board as Treasurer in 2011. Significant things that have happened during my time on the Board including the incorporation of the ICBP, and the transition to the new Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act (CNCA). in addition I have introduced PayPal as a means for paying membership dues. In addition, I have also implemented a new membership database (Membee).

Ian Andexser


I first heard about CABP in about 2003, and joined. I was a passive member for about 5 years and decided to ‘volunteer’ with the BC branch that operated out of Vancouver. At an AGM Brian Lechem asked me if I would be prepared to join the national board as Bernard Jackson was the only BC member and he was getting up there in age, and I agreed. I was asked to take over as chairman from Dave Morris in 2016, and I still hold that post. I also represent the CABP at meetings of the International Consortium of British Pensioners (ICBP).

Malcolm Campbell
Marketing Director

I joined the CABP in 2009.  I became National Director of Marketing in 2011.   I believe that the British Government should pay state pensioners the same amount of pension in whatever country they choose to live in.  We paid full National Insurance Contributions and should reasonably expect a full state pension in return. 

CABP is fighting this injustice and I am happy to be part of the team taking the case to the British Government.


Fiona Macleod
CABP Director

I have been a CABP Board member since 2018. I joined because I care about pensioners’ financial equity. I think all ex-pat Brits should know about the UK state pension and apply for it, if they want. My career skills included writing and focusing on peoples’ wellbeing and I brought both of these interests to CABP. As well as being a CABP Director I am also one of CABP’s representatives on the Board of the International Consortium of British Pensioners (ICBP). I am also working on spreading the word about CABP to build membership. 

David Morris
CABP Director

I first joined the CABP Board in 1999. I have also served as Chairman for the period 9999 to 9999. During that time, I was also a member of the ICBP.

Angela Paton

Angela Paton
Office Manager /
Board Secretary

I joined CABP as the office manager in 2013. I have over 15 years of administration and creative design experience. I absolutely love working with all the volunteers and board members at CABP, and I feel passionate about helping pensioners in whatever way I can to receive their uprated pension.  I currently live in Toronto and although I have not yet visited the UK, I hope to one day make the journey overseas!  When I’m not busy managing the CABP office I love to make custom cakes and spend as much time as possible exercising outside.


Peter Sanguinetti
CABP Director

I joined the CABP in about 2006.  In 2010 at the AGM Margaret Wells co-opted me onto her ‘volunteers’ list.  In January 2019 the Chairman co-opted me onto the CABP Board and my appointment was ratified as Director at the AGM in June 2019.

Sheila Telford
CABP Director

I have been involved in the fight for justice for frozen British pensioners since 2000, joining the CABP board in 2008. I have held the portfolios of Government Relations, Chair, and now look after Social Media.

David Acheson2