Why should you join the Canadian Alliance of British Pensioners?


We have helped many people understand their rights, and obtain a UK Pension that they did not even know they were entitled to.

Please consider joining us. Our membership fee is only $25 a year. We can help you understand and apply for a UK pension that could be worth up to $10,000 annually. We will also be fighting on your behalf to get that pension fully indexed to inflation.

Become a CABP member, and support our fight.

We can help!

flag_buttonWe can  help you understand your pension eligibility.

We provide our members a detailed package of information on

  • What steps you need to take, including who you should write to.

  • A sample pro forma letter for you to use.

  • What initially you can expect to receive back from the UK government.

  • What you need to do after that once the UK government replies.

flag_buttonIn addition to the initial package, Membership Benefits also include:

  • A quarterly magazine outlining our current lobbying activities with the UK Government

  • Being kept current on all legislative developments affecting UK pensioners. The rules regarding pensions changed considerably in 2016, and we keep our members fully informed of the impact

  • Telephone and email access to our office for pension related questions.

  • Monthly updates by email on all our activities, and the opportunity to participate in the fight, and make your voice heard.