Several of our supportive MP’s in Westminster have tabled a new Early Day Motion (EDM) concerning frozen pensions. You can read the details of the EDM by clicking on the link below
The EDM calls for an approach to unfreezing by uprating from existing levels (rather than bringing everyone up to the current pension amount). This is the same approach that was proposed by Steve Webb in 2004, when he was in opposition.
While it is not what we have been asking for, it is at least a positive step forward.
The EDM will expire when Parliament recesses, which will likely be the 3rd week in March. We suggest you email your MP, acknowledging that it is a step in the right direction, and asking them to sign the EDM. This would need to be done as soon as possible, as there is only a small window of time for MPs to sign the EDM


  1. Denise Mouter says

    Born in 1952 and worked in Britain from July 1967 to September 1975. Then a homemaker bringing up kids until 1982 when we emigrated to Canada. Since 1986 to date I have always worked in Canada.
    I understand that I will be allowed some British pension, do you have any idea of how much this may be and do you know if I will be allowed voluntary contributions to increase it. Someone told me that my amount may also be increased by the spousal pension allowance, is this correct? My husband has paid voluntary contributions as well as what he paid in Britain and has received a letter stating that he now qualifies fully when he retires in January 2016.
    Your comments would be most appreciated.
    Thank you

    • David Morris says

      Hello Denise, yes you are entitled to a UK pension. You reached pension age in 2014 (depending on what month you were born) and only needed 1 year to qualify. You probably have 8 years from work, and you would also get credit for child raising years. You still are able to make some catchup contributions as well, but you need to act quickly on that. When your husband reaches pension age in January 2016, your pension amount will be increased to be 60% of his if your own pension is less than that. If you join us we will tell you how to get started in applying, and how to make some voluntary contributions.

  2. ALBERT CARD says

    Don’t be silly to expect the British Govt to pay out our money in pensions for which we have paid into over the years. They are too busy giving the money to immigrants who have not paid a penny and to other countries such as the Falkland’s, also to people living in Germany, etc.
    With people like Steve Web who changes his mind like I change my socks, what else can we expect?

  3. David Mann says

    Thanks, David Morris I support you in everything you are doing! Keep up the good work.

  4. EG Bissell says

    I thoroughly agree that a real injustice has occured and should be rectified \asap.

  5. David Mann says

    Someone give me an explanation as to why someone living in Canada or Australia has their pension frozen on receipt, or when they left the U.K., whereas someone who moves to the U.S.A or E.U. has their Pension prorated!.
    Shane on you Members Of British Parliament for allowing this injustice!

    • David Morris says

      Hello David, unfortunately, that is the current law. In the Canadian Alliance of British Pensioners we are united to try and get this unjust law changed. You can see what we are doing elsewhere on the site. We rely on our members support to help us continue the fight.

  6. Jim Byrne says

    There is no other way of looking at the frozen pensions except to say “shame on you, all members of the Government who will not entertain the idea of giving people the increase in the pensions that they paid for and expected” So please sign the Early Day Motion and ease for ever the stress and strain to ordinary aged Britain’s to enable them to live a little better than they are now. WHICH IS THEIR RIGHT.

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