Single -Tier Pensions

Once again, the British Government have failed to take the opportunity to address the injustice of frozen British pensions. Members are urged to place their comments to this effect on British newspaper comment sites!

Sheila Telford     CABP Chairman


  1. Pamela Young says

    So the injustice continues! I presume that the UK Parliamentarians assume that all ex-pat pension-contributing Brits will be dead by then. But what they seem to be ignoring is all the 30, 40 and 50-something Brits who would LOVE to leave Britain for other, more compassionate, shores: and probably those classified as “Commonwealth” countries. (What a misnomer: where’s the “common wealth”?) One day, these younger people are going to realize how their Government intends to steal their earned pensions…and, doubtless, they will raise hell for any sitting Parliament. Wake up Britain! Your government is wearing blinders!