One of our strong supporters in the House of Commons, Sir Peter Bottomley, made a strong appeal for unfreezing pensions during the Budget debate. You can see the text in this link. It is the 3rd paragraph down.


  1. Caroline O'Donnell says

    The prejudice against citizens living in Canada and other Commonwealth countries is mind boggling and makes no sense….so if I lived in U.S ….a country not in the Commonwealth…my pension would be indexed just as UK pensioners are…one would think if any such rule was needed it would be other way around….the prejudice would be against non Commonwealth countries..I would more easily understand this if I was living in U.S to be treated like this…though I am not saying I would agree in either case….I am shocked after just learning of this unacceptable bias against people like me…I may decide to retire in UK….but if I dont….I and people like me should not be treated this way. I hope people of common sense will work to overturn this gross injustice.

    Yours truly

    Caroline O’Donnell

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