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If you renewed your membership, or made a donation to the Action Fund, thank you again for continuing to support us in our fight to end pension freezing


If you have just joined CABP, this is what happens next.


Within 3 business days you will receive an electronic package from us, sent to your email address. If you don’t receive the email, check your spam folder or call the office at 416 253 6402 

Included in the package is a very important document called MYCABP

That document explains everything you need to get you started on claiming the pension you are entitled to, if you haven’t done so already. It gives you an overview of the pension rules, and tells you who to write to for your pension forecast.

Once you get your official forecast, you will be given options about any back contributions you can make to increase your pension. (MYCABP will also explain how to apply for the lower Class 2 rate, if you elect to make voluntary contributions – this is very important as it could save you a lot of money)

There are also lots of useful tips and handy telephone numbers, so keep MYCABP in a safe place.

Once you get MYCABP, if you have any further questions, do not hesitate to call the office during business hours. We are here to help you.