These are some videos/radio pieces that we have developed to promote our cause. Some humorous, and some serious

This is a personal appeal to the British Prime Minister, made by one of our members. Vic is a decorated veteran of WW2, and is making this appeal on behalf of all veterans who are affected by the disgraceful treatment by the UK Government.

This video is a humorous “spoof” of an interview between a BBC interviewer and the Minister of Pensions in the UK Government. It is meant to illustrate┬áthe illogicality of the current pension indexing rules by pretending to announce a new pension policy

These are two Radio ADs that we developed to advertise CABP, to promote our cause

Radio Ad Number 1 Radio AD number 2

This is a BBC Radio interview on May 7th 2020.

BBC Radio Interview

This is a 30 sec television commercial that was aired on the Sportsnet TV channel, during televised Premier League soccer matches

This animated video is a very good summary of the current situation for pensioners who choose to live abroad. It graphically describes the problem of pension freezing, based on country of residence

This is a Video of a 93 year old veteran, pressing our case in London

This is a video of past ICBP Chairman John Markham, being interviewed on Canadian TV

This is a video of a woman veteran, being interviewed by Sky TV in the UK, just before Remembrance Day 2014